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free computer recyclingWhat is free computer recycling and why should we care about it? Well this site aims to inform you on the importance of computer recycling.

WEEE Bolton are dedicated to helping businesses dispose of their old, and or unwanted IT equipment, in today’s environmental conscious world it is important to know that your waste has been disposed of in a legal, and environmentally responsible way. We are one of Europe’s leading waste management companies specialising in recycling redundant IT equipment.

If your company is looking to dispose of IT equipment such as computers, laptops, PCs, Monitors, servers and printers you can rely on WEEE Bolton to help. Where ever possible we try and recycle complete units, but if this is not possible we will strip down the equipment and recycle all the parts possible.

Computer disposal is FREE OF CHARGE including data destruction. WEEE Bolton help all types of organisations including; schools, NHS, colleges, universities, councils, local authority run businesses, and SME’s dispose of their redundant IT equipment. (Wiki)


An example of how a recycling plant works;


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