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How our computer recycling service works:

computer recycling serviceHere we offer a free computer recycling service because we know how important this matter is. But do you? Well, read on to learn for yourself!

With Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) becoming the fastest growing waste stream in the UK, business in the North West need a solution that is compliant with the latest EU directives. It is not as simple as just throwing your old IT equipment into the nearest skip, there is issues with security and data protection and not forgetting the environmental issues, many of the components in your IT equipment are not bio degradable and some are even harmful to the environment. For this reason your IT equipment needs to be disposed of correctly and with the right certification.

Computer Recycling Belmont provide a compliant, cost effective and legal recycling solution throughout the North West collecting from Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Blackburn, Oldham. Leeds Preston,Rochdale etc. Our coverage enables businesses of all sizes to recycle all types of WEEE.

As part of our company policy our focus is geared around offering a cost effective route for recycling with the overall main aim of reducing the amount of waste destined to landfill in accordance to the WEEE directive.

Computer Disposal and IT Recycling

Computer Recycling Belmont specialise in the field of computer recycling, providing a secure collection service for all types of computers, laptops and servers. Each computer collected is dismantled and recycled using methods which are environmentally friendly ensuring that maximum reusable materials are recovered.

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